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Servizi Funebri Città di Roma is the funeral agency in northern Rome, fully available in the areas of Corso Francia, Ponte Milvio, Vigna Clara, Collina Fleming, Cassia, Camilluccia, Cortina d’Ampezzo and throughout Rome.

When your loved one pass away it is hard to handle paperwork even if it is necessary. That’s why is vital to choice the right funeral agency.

It is good to know you will choose the funeral agency to trust. Here you will find our advice in case you should choose a funeral agency:

  • distrust funeral agency recommended by unknown and avoid that companies that reach you at home without be consulted;
  • refer to trusted company and set your needs. Ask for an estimate; first of all transparency;
  • speaker competence represents company reliability;
  • invoice is partially tax-deductible. Ask always your invoice which sum will be the entire sum and not only the deductible part of it.
  • Funeral costs are VAT excluded;
  • Call us the sooner the better in order to handle the entire funeral process. We will help you to manage everything and suggest you about burial;
  • Supply deceased personal data: demise place and your telephone number. Contact your family doctor for death notification if demise occurred at home; otherwise we will provide to do that.

These first steps are useful in order to give you the best solution and act by law. Both funeral rites organisation and paperwork for cremation.

Our staff will provide you the whole information you may need “to make easier difficult moments”.

To make difficult moments less difficult.

Servizi Funebri Città di Roma

We are at your complete disposal for information and quotes.

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