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Questions and Answers

What to do in case of demise?

If demise occurred at home it is necessary to call your family doctor to fill death certificate and Italy’s National Statistics Institute form provided by us. In case of cremation it is required a cremation certificate. Doctors sometimes does not have this form that are provided by funeral agency. Once agreed funeral rites, we will provide you the entire documents and will do all the paperwork. You may also required to the funeral agency to dressing your loved one remains if demise occurred in the hospital.

What don't do in case of demise?

Do not follow others advise. Trust to the first funeral agency that contact you after a demise. Sign papers without read what it is written. Ask public official a favour, paying tips or other unlawful system. Do not respect your demise loved one will.

How log it takes between demise and funeral rites?

Funeral generally can take place 24 hours after demise. Otherwise if Tribunal is involved (in case of violent death, crashes) it is necessary to await its authorisation.

Are there any bound for choosing the company?

There are not. Choosing the funeral company is your right.

Can funeral costs be detract from corporate tax?

Funeral costs paid for a relative demise (spouse, sons, parents, brothers, sisters, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, parents-in-law and affiliated) can be detracted from corporate tax. The maximum amount for deduction calculation is 1.549,37 Euros for each demise, also if cost is shared in more years. Cost can be detracted by many persons. For this purpose it is required the share-out cost, paid by the holder, reported on the accounting record.

What in the abstract of death certificate?

It is a document released by the district office of vital statistics. It includes the deceased personal data and the date of death. It is required generally by notary in order to handle inheritance, and banks where the demise get a bank account. Our company provides to their clients at least five abstract of death certificate.

What to do with demise's contracts?

If the demise had some contracts concerning consumptions (electricity, private line, gas…), we suggest to call the customer service of each supplier company, pay the transfer and stop the contracts. Concerning policy contracts, legally speaking they die down once the holder dies. If you want to maintain some policy (car, motorbike, real estate) you should ask directly to your insurance to change the owner policy.

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